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About Salcomix

Small and medium-sized batches for industrial applications

Salcomix - Universal and Flexible Paint Systems

Salcomix offers you a wide range of different paint qualities and technologies - based on a modular mixing system. The system solutions are based on different technologies (polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, alkyd) and can all be combined with one another. They guarantee easy and reliable application, along with maximum flexibility with respect to adjustment and the substrates to be coated.

Our Salcomix paint systems stand out for their reliability and longevity in a number of industries.
For instance, mechanical engineering customers and those in the agricultural and construction equipment industries, as well as the transportation industry, all rely on our products. But we also have a tailor-made coating solution for plastics and special applications.

In general, the range of applications is nearly boundless. Our products can be optimally matched to the requirements of the particular customer and special applications.

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